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Choosing Fundraising Ideas, Fundraising Programs and Events

Looking for fundraising ideas and programs for your school, child care centre, sporting club and community group?

There are so many options such as a cookie dough drive, fun runs, walk-a-thons, spell-a-thons, kick-a-thons, fancy dress day, sausage sizzle, movie night, chocolate drive, car boot sale, raffles, fetes and fairs, cent auction, plates, discos, trivia night, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day stalls and much more.

And with so many co-ordinators working and being time poor, in so many cases you need to use the services of an outside fundraising company that supply products and services and can assist you in setting up your fundraisers.

Don’t do too much!
Before we get into too much detail, a word of caution: don’t run too many fundraisers as you will alienate your parents and supporters and they will cease supporting your fundraisers? And also your co-ordinator will get burnt out. It is best to run a major fundraiser per term than 5-6 smaller fundraisers.

We’ve been around since 1999
We’re plugging our own products and services but at Australian Fundraising we’ve been in fundraising since 1999, have developed a range of highly successful fundraising programs, supply all of the materials and services you require to run a successful campaign and we’re dedicated to the success of your fundraisers. We’re a proud family owned and run business, not a multinational. With the support of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we all do our best and work hard for your families.
Please click here to view our website. Continue reading

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Fundraising Ideas for 2015: Schools, childcare and kindy centres, sporting clubs and charity groups will receive special bonus prizes by registering their interest this year in running any one of our Australian Fundraising popular fundraising programs in 2015!

2015 Early Bonus Header

Time is running out for your group to register this year, run any of our fundraising programs in 2015 and receive a series of strong bonus prizes for each of our fundraising programs. The cut off date is 19 December 2014.

AFS_logo_150x78We’re your friendly Australian family owned and run fundraising business, not a major multinational. We all work hard and do our best for your families. You can rest assure that if you pre-register this year but have to cancel when 2015 comes around, you’re protected by our 100% Cancellation Guarantee where there won’t be any penalties whatsoever.


Billy G's Logo_500 (2)
Early Registration Bonus Prizes
TERM 1 (for orders over 104 tubs)
FREE FREIGHT for deliveries to most locations up to the value of $150
Commence your fundraiser by 27 March with delivery by 24 April for the free freight, or
– 800 Glow Sticks, valued at $160, or
– 300 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $150.

TERMS 2, 3 and 4
– 500 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
– 200 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $100.

Our new doggie dough is so popular!

My School Run for Fun Logo (2)
We can look you in the eye and say with all honesty that we provide schools with the most profitable school fun run/walk-a-thon/lap-a-thon fundraising program throughout Australia, together with the most benefits and inclusions. And now our early registration bonus prizes make our program even better for schools! Continue reading

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New Fundraiser: Bali Holiday Raffle

New Fundraiser: Bali Family Holiday Raffle
Looking for new Fundraising ideas in 2015? Our new Bali Raffle will greatly assist your group achieve your fundraising target!
Bali Raffle logo Bali monastry

Our new Bali Raffle is ideal for schools as a major fundraiser and as a fete raffle, for sporting clubs and charity events. It is your own self-run raffle with personalised, professionally printed raffle tickets.

Tickets are only $2 or $3 RRP, there is no money up front*, a payment plan and we can get your raffle fundraiser up and running within 2 weeks.

The Bali Raffle is new to our range of successful raffle fundraisers. Yugumbir State School made a clear profit of $8,000 after running our Fiji Raffle over a 3 week period.

Bali Holiday In logo

Accommodation is at the new Holiday Inn Bali Benoa Resort which is located on Benoa Beach, Bali’s most playful beach, just north of Nusa Dua and only 20 minutes from Kuta. The Resort boasts world class amenities including outstanding food and beverage experiences, four pools including kids pool, tranquil Tea Tree Spa and Kids Club.
Bali Guest Room 3 (2)      Bali Kids Club View 1 (2)   ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
– Winners stay in a Family Connection Room which consists of a King Room connecting  with a Twin Room for the kids
– The prize is for 2 adults and up to 3 children (12 years and under)
– Daily breakfast for all and dinner is free for the kids at the Pasar Market Cafe
– Complimentary use of the Kids Club
– Free Wifi
– $2,000 Virgin Australia voucher or $1,000 Cash options
– 5 and 7 night options
– The accommodation and airfare vouchers have a 12 month expiry and there are no blackout dates Continue reading

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Fundraising Ideas for schools for 2015: Spell-a-thon

Fundraising ideas for schools in 2015: Our Spell-A-Thon is risk free and highly profitable, and a fun way for your students to be more proficient in spelling.

Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists offer our School Spell-A-Thon as an ideal vehicle for fundraising with an educational outcome. No money up front, risk free and a very high profit up to 70%*! This is a unique and creative fundraiser.

girl for spellathon

Why a Spell-A-Thon? Go back to basics!
Spelling is an important part of the school syllabus as it aids in reading, writing amd communications, adding so much to one’s life. The benefits of a Spell-A-Thon is many and include:
– to revisit the importance of spelling
– the challenge of words
– increase competence and comprehension of basic language elements
– increase vocabulary Continue reading

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2015 Fundraising Early Registration Reward Prize Details Just Released

2015 Fundraising Early Registration Reward Prize Details Just Released
2015 Early Bonus Header

We have just released the details of our 2015 Early Booking Prizes for organisations that pre-register this year for 2015. This is money for jam! Everybody is a winner! You’ll choose from a range of free prizes when you run one or more of our fundraising programs.
Early Booking Prizes for Blog (1024x196) (3)

All you need to do at this stage is to provide us with the expected term that you will run the fundraiser. We will catch up with you in the New Year to obtain actual start dates.

You need to pre-register by 19 December. If circumstances change and you can’t proceed with the early registration you can cancel with no penalty – our 100% Cancellation Guarantee.
2015 Early Booking Pre Register Button (250x101) (3)


Billy G's Logo_500 (2)

Early Registration Prizes are split by 1st Term and 2nd/3rd/4th Terms.
  Term 1 (for orders over 104 tubs)
Choose from:
    1. FREE FREIGHT for Capital City deliveries up to $150, or
    2. 800 Glow Sticks valued at $160, or
    3. 300 Motivational Wristbands valued at $150, which the kids absolutely love.

Terms – 2nd or 3rd or 4th  (for orders over 104 tubs)
Choose from:
    1. 500 Glow Sticks valued at $100, or
    2. 100 Motivational Wristbands valued at $100.
View more info (640x215) Continue reading

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Easy and Profitable Raffle Fundraising Program

Easy and Profitable Raffle Fundraising Program

Raffles are tremendous fundraising ideas for schools, sporting clubs and community groups. What better way to raise money than going back to basics and running a major raffle!

Raffle blog (640x434)


Running a raffle is one of the best and most profitable fundraisers for your school, sporting club or group. For a school, you can run our raffles as part of your regular term fundraising or as a lead in to fetes and fairs. Sporting clubs and other organisations love them. They have a high profit margin when implemented successfully. They’re easy to run and everybody loves a raffle when a holiday is available.


  • Engadine West Public School made a $16,000 profit.
  • Ferny Grove State Scholl made a $12,000 profit.
  • Yugumbir State School made a $8,000 profit.
  • Eungella State School with 65 students made a $6,500 profit.


The basic keys for running a successful raffle are:

  1. Planning.
  2. Keep it simple for your co-ordinator.
  3. Using a strong holiday prize destination that creates interest with your families, and to potential purchasers that say “buy me”.
  4. Supplying your sellers with well presented raffle tickets that generate strong support from your families and in turn strong sales.
  5. Good communications with your sellers.
  6. Impactful promotions.
  7. Effective management of your ticket sales.


Australian Fundraising offer the ultimate fundraising experience:
–  a large range of packages with various resort destinations both local and international. Just pick the destination that best works for your group!

  • Sea World Resort & Water Park on the Gold Coast
  • Reef Hotel on Hamilton Island
  • Sheraton Fiji
  • Rydges Hotels and Resorts Australia wide
  • New Zealand
  • Bali

Our holiday packages are for two (2) adults and two (2) children.

  • groups are able to draw upon our 14 years of experience marketing our raffle fundraisers to a diverse range of schools, sporting clubs and groups. Pick our brains – we know what works!
  • All the management tools are provided to groups for effective communications, strong promotions and management controls. All of the work is done for you!      


Co-ordinators are supplied with a comprehensive, complete raffle package where all the materials are supplied to make their raffle a breeze to set up and run. We will work with you for the complete package for your organisation:

  • The right size and holiday package that suits your group.
  • Low break evens and high profits.
  • Quick turnaround of raffle tickets.
  • Professionally printed, personalised, colour raffle tickets, and colourful book covers.
  • Promotional posters.
  • We supply the holiday and travel certificates.
  • Seller incentive prizes.
  • Parent letters templates.
  • Ticket sales tally systems.

View more info (640x215)Request your free info pack (640x212)







And always be one of the first to get the latest info and what’s new!
Join our enews (640x213)




* To schools, clubs and approved groups.

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Planning your fundraising ideas for 2015?



2015 Early Bonus HeaderSome schools, clubs, child cares will soon commence planning their fundraising schedule for 2015. Please ensure you look at what Australian Fundraising has to offer. Planning Calendars and Early Registration Bonuses will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. These will be announced in future blogs, in our enewsletter, on our website and in mail outs. Please keep your eye out for our these and come back to our website for the offers.


Australian Fundraising will be offering some exciting early registration and booking bonuses. The bonuses are “money for jam” for your group which you will be able to utilise in many ways. To secure your bonuses all you need to do is pre-register with Australian Fundraising by 19 December 2014 and run the programs in 2015.



Splat imageWhat happens if your 2015 early registration plans hits a brick wall?

Please be assured that if you pre-register for 2015 and you are unable to take up the offer come 2015, you can simply cancel your pre-registration anytime.






Free tools such as 2015 Planning Calendars by State/Territory that include school holiday schedules and public holidays will also be available to be downloaded from our website.

We can announce that we will be offering two new raffle fundraisers in 2015, Bali and New Zealand raffles.

We are also excited to inform you that in 2015 we are launching another fundraising program with more details to be announced in early 2015. We can give you a hint…. it looks yummy and can be worn!

Be the first to find out about our exciting Early Registration Bonuses and new fundraisers by registering your details here:

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Plan July to December Fundraisers


After a hectic first half of the year, we know you’re looking for fundraisers that are easy to run, will maintain interest, gain support from your families and members, and generate great profits for your group. Most importantly, you want to keep your sanity!

There’s light at the end of the tunnel! View the latest July to December catalogue.

Fundraising Made Easy Logo Continue reading

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We help you promote your fundraisers

We help you market and promote your fundraisers – Watch your profits soar!

Using simple marketing and promotion practices will create buzz and excitement within your school community, club, child care centre and community group to engage and promote your fundraisers.

When choosing a fundraising idea for your school, child care centre, sporting club or charity, it is important to ask yourself, how can I effectively market the fundraisers to fully maximise the profit for our group?

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How do I increase support for my fundraiser

How do I increase support and participation in my fundraising programs and events?

When setting your fundraising program for the year, it is important to keep it simple to fully maximise the participation of your families which will in turn make a bigger profit for your school, child care centre, sporting club or charity.

Some schools and child care centres run 4-5 fundraisers EACH TERM. Don’t overload your parents too much with fundraising otherwise you will soon see a drop in participation which will have a negative effect on your bank balance and will keep you from reaching your fundraising goals for the year.

Continue reading

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