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Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough
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There are certain products that over the years have become well known fundraisers. Billy G's Cookie Dough is one of them. IT IS NOW ONLY $13-$15 PER 1KG TUB. At $1.30 per 100g, our cookie dough is cheaper than most cookies on the supermarket shelves.

Fundraising has never tasted so good with the Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough Fundraiser. Our cookie dough is packed in 1kg tubs and is only available through fundraising which makes your fundraiser even more popular and successful. Choose from ten (10) gourmet cookie and biscuit doughs.

YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE SHOP - unique to Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough
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Everyone likes ordering products online. To help make your fundraising easy and increase your sales and profits, we can set up your very own online shop for your cookie dough sales, AT NO COST TO YOUR GROUP. Your families and supporters simply go to your shop and order and pay immediately. 

We know it works: a child care centre of 50 families sold 500 tubs of cookie dough, a school of 400 families sold 1,100 tubs and a school in the ACT doubled their sales from last year. These are just a few examples. 

You will also receive the colour order forms; the online purchasing complements the order forms. Your families will have the option of the traditional order forms or ordering and paying online.

More information below.

Our cookie dough
 is a top seller:

  • Kids Korner sold $9,344.
  • Kindy Patch Child Care Centre sold $8,064.
  • Helensvale State School sold $19,840.
  • O'Connor Primary School sold $17,792.

"It really does sell itself. Plus the incentive prizes are great. Parents are becoming tired of always having their hand in their pockets for the school, so it's fantastic that we can offer a fundraiser where parents can purchase cool products and still support the school – talk about win-win. The software made ordering a breeze. We have had all good feedback from our customers and it's nice to see kids with Billy G's cookies in their lunchbox. I would heartily recommend this fundraiser to anyone – it's easy, different and rewarding and supportive. Good onya Billy G!" Alligator Creek State School

  •   Local product, Made in Australia
  •   They're rated AMBER products (Smart Choices, Go For Your Life)
  •   The cookie dough can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 4 weeks and can be refrozen
  •   NEW! Gingerbread dough with free 50mm Gingerbread Man cookie cutter
  •   No money to pay up front to start your fundraiser
  •   Colour order forms supplied and despatched within 24 hours if required
  •     All fundraising materials supplied to make your fundraiser a great success:
  •    - new 2016 colour order forms for all of your sellers (see below)
       - new large promotional posters
       - parent's letters
       - new incentive prizes for your sellers (shown in the colour order form)
       - easy to use order tally system
       - co-ordinator's kit
  •   We're just a phone call away to assist 





Forty (40) large 25g size cookies will be baked from one tub. That's a very economical cost of only $0.33-$0.38 per cookie.

Make a high $3.50 -$4.00 profit for each tub sold with this simple, easy to run order form drive, all completed within 4-6 weeks.

We only use quality ingredients for that exceptional gourmet taste that everybody loves.

The cookie dough is easy to distribute to your families as it can be stored without refrigeration for up to 8 hours after delivery. Your families can store the cookie dough tubs in their refrigerator for up to 4 weeks, or in their freezer for months until they're ready to bake over and over.

After thawing, the cookie dough can be refrozen on a number of occassions.

Fresh Home Baked Cookies have never been easier!

We will set up your very own online shop for cookie dough sales

Billy G's Cookie Dough fundraiser is an easy fundraiser to run. Now it will be even easier!
And you will increase sales and profits at the same time!
Less money to count!

Who hasn't bought products online? We all know how easy it is!

Your families will still be able to use the order forms for cash sales and they will have the option of purchasing their cookie dough online through your fundraiser - so much easier!

Click onto our online purchase page, find your organisation
Order the products, immediately pay using their credit card
Receive their cookie dough on your scheduled delivery day

We will send you an email you can on forward to your families and supporters which includes your shop's link. 

We will also send you a facebook insert which includes your shop's link.
In both of the above, your families and supporters simply click onto the link and they will automatically go to your shop, order their tubs of cookie dough and pay.

It is safe and secure.

Please click here to read more about our exclusive online fundraising which is opening a whole new golden era for fundraising.
We can get your fundraiser started within days.



Please phone our office on 1300 133 022 for more fundraising information and should you have any questions.


Please read the supporting information below about this highly popular fundraiser:
1. Introduction
2. A wonderful home baking product
3. An excellent fundraiser
4. Quick and easy fundraiser
5. Pricing and Profits


Our Cookie Dough fundraiser is a very popular order form program – it is easy to run, you receive all of the fundraising materials to ensure success and the various cookie dough flavours are delicious and offer great value. The cookie dough will keep for ages in the fridge or freezer and is made into cookies as required. It can be refrozen.

No money is required up front to commence your fundraiser. Your co-ordinator will love how it is run over a short period.

Over 50 million Billy G's cookies have been baked and lovingly consumed throughout Australia. It is only sold through fundraising. No wonder we constantly hear from co-ordinators how their families have requested running our cookie dough fundraiser.

It is a top seller:

  • Kids Korner sold $9,344.
  • Kindy Patch Child Care Centre sold $8,064.
  • Helensvale State School sold $19,840.
  • O'Connor Primary School sold $17,792.


  • Billy G’s cookie dough is a fantastic home baking product: eight (8) delicious flavours where you simply scoop dough from the tub and bake for about 14 minutes for irresistible cookies every time.
  • We only use quality ingredients for that exceptional gourmet taste.
  • The cookie dough can be refrozen to ensure the last crumb can be baked.
  • Your suggested selling price is now only $13.00 - $15.00 per 1kg tub. At $1.30 per 100g Billy G's Gourmet Cookies are cheaper than most cookies in the supermarkets; and nothing beats fresh home baked cookies!


  • No money up front to commence your fundraiser.
  • It is an AMBER listed product for fundraising.
  • It is a quick and easy order form fundraiser with a 2-3 week selling period.
  • At only $13.00 per tub, it will be a big seller for you.
  • Your % profit increases and your profit is a high $3.50-$4.00 per tub sold.*
  • You receive the order forms, parent's letters, promotional posters and an easy to use ordering system.
  • We supply a great range of incentive prizes for your sellers to assist with increasing your sales. Please view the prizes in the order form above.
  • It is deliberately not available in retail outlets so it is always much sought after when it is run.
  • Easy to distribute: store for up to 8 hours without refrigeration after delivery.
  • Everyone loves to use our easy ordering system.


  • Hand out the order forms we sent to you well in advance of your start date.
  • We suggest you run your fundraiser over a 2-3 week period.
  • Enter your orders and money details by participant into our easy to use ordering system that automatically totals your orders and produces your cookie and prize summary order sheets that you send to our office.
  • Your order is packed in mixed cartons of 8 tubs which minimises any left overs.
  • We deliver the cookie dough at a time and date that best suits you from our Capital City warehouses approximately 14 days after we receive your order.
  • The incentive prizes are despatched from our HO prize warehouse to you in advance of the cookie dough so that you can give out the prizes and the cookie dough at the same time.


Priced to sell $13-$15 RRP per 1kg tub. $3.50-$4 profit per tub.


Product Suggested Selling
Price $/1kg tub
Your Cost
(inc GST) $/1kg tub
$/1kg tub
Suggested Selling
Price /13g cookie**
Triple Choc $13.00 $9.50 $3.50 17¢
Raspberry White Choc $13.00 $9.50 $3.50 17¢
ANZAC Biscuit $13.00 $9.50 $3.50 17¢
White Choc Macadamia $14.00 $10.30 $3.70 18¢
Caramel Fudge $13.00 $9.50 $3.50 17¢
Choc Chunk $13.00 $9.50 $3.50 17¢
Gluten Free Choc Chunk $15.00 $11.00 $4.00 20¢
Doggie Biscuit Dough Treats $14.00 $10.30 $3.70 18¢
Gingerbread $14.00 $10.30 $3.70 18¢
Shortbread $14.00 $10.30 $3.70 18¢

There is a small delivery charge. Please contact our office for details.
* Assumes your group is under the GST threshold.
** Based on baking 77 x snack sized 13g cookies per 1kg tub.

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