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Crest Chocolate Fundraiser

Making chocolate fundraising drives real winners! Crest Chocolates - Chocolate fundraising ideas for over 15 years.

With a 56% increase in profit per carry pack for their Original bars compared to other brands, please consider Crest Chocolates for your chocolate fundraiser. Make $31.25 profit* per carry pack vs $20.00 per carry pack.

"This is by far our most successful fundraiser. With only 215 players, we sold 246 carry packs of the Original $2.50 bars this year, making over $7,000 clear profit. Feedback is outstandingly positive to the taste and quality of the chocolate. Support from Australian Fundraising is very professional which made the fundraiser a dream to run." Wayne Pool, President :: Jindalee Districts Aussie Rules

A complete chocolate fundraiser. The Crest Chocolates fundrasing bars are popular due to the superior taste, texture and quality of the premium milk chocolate. The Original, large 75g bars offer the highest profit of all chocolate fundraisers with a profit of $31.25 profit per carry pack.



  • The Original bars are large 75g in size. Real value!
  • Great tasting, pure milk chocolate in a range of flavours
  • Popular and strong sellers
  • The Crest fundraising chocolates are not your regular retail branded products that are regularly discounted on special inevitably when your chocolate fundraiser commences!

High Profit for Original bars

  • Make $1.25 profit per bar compared to 40c!
  • Sell 100 carry packs and your profit increases from $2,000 to $3,125, an increase of $1,125



  • No Money Up Front and 28 day account**.
  • Free delivery for minimum orders of 18 carry packs***.


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* Profit is based on your group remaining under the GST threshold
** To schools, registered clubs, child care centres and approved customers
*** A small freight surcharge may apply to country areas.